My offerings for you


My mission here on earth is to save the light and spread love.

Because of a deep connection to my intuition, to my center and the energetic field, I am guided trough life with the voice of my heart.

To feel the life in all its different precious parts can be intense sometimes.

But my unity is to see the gift in every situation, we create by ourself.

With gratefulness and humbleness I focus on the present moment in trust & surrender to the higher guidance.



~ TANTRIC TOUCH  (individual sessions)

  "Re-connection to your HEART - Re-connection to your SOUL"


~ MEDIATION: support with communication tools and heart- connection practices








~ CONSCIOUSNESS-COACHING: facing your inner truth and integrate it into your life



   Encountering with yourself & others

   The presents of life/ gift of an open heart

   Magic of Silence

   Meditation in daliy business




   Tibetian Singing Bowls-Journeys



Do you still get triggered from your environment and you wanna find out the gift    in that?

Is it challenging for you to forgive, youself and others?

Do you know you own precious quality you can offer the world and do you live it    fully?

Do you know your wishes, desires and boundaries and can you communicate it clearly?

Are you honest with yourself and others?

Are you longing for more touchabillity, vulnerability, relaxation and want to create more "self-time" in your life?



I hold a sacred space for YOU:

to relax, to release, to feel, to remember...

to allow yourself to be in YOUR OWN PURE PRESENCE.     





Please get in contact with me via: 0049-176-45 90 67 22 

or email:










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